Shimamura credits service for victory over Hisamitsu


The NEC Red Rockets service game worked well in their straight-set win over Hisamitsu Springs

Kobe, Japan, May 14, 2017 – NEC Red Rockets captain Haruyo Shimamura was determined to finish their campaign in the FIVB Volleyball Women’s Club World Championship Kobe 2017 with a win and their great service game enabled them to do so.

“We just wanted to end the tournament with a win,” Shimamura said. “We disrupted their plays with our service, which gave us great rhythm. That was a big factor in the game. We saw our shortcomings in this event and hope to improve on them next season.”

“Our service worked effectively today and that was decisive in this victory,” NEC Red Rockets coach Akinori Yamada said. “Playing against foreign teams that have height and power taught us a lot in this one-week event. We must minimise our point loss and serve better to compete against these teams.”

Sarina Koga cited communication played a great part in crucial moments.

“We were trailing them at times but we talked to each other and that helped us to come back. We have done that consistently throughout the season.”

“We were good in the first set, but there were difficult moments in the next two sets,” Akari Oumi said. “Our quick attacks turned the flow around. We have attackers who can use the second tempo.”

Hisamitsu coach Shingo Sakai described how NEC Red Rockets edged his team and how his team reacted to different situations in the game.

“NEC had strong defence in the first half of the match,” Sakai said. “There were different qualities in the rallies that they executed well and that is why we have this result. Our wing attacks did not function well, so we focused our attacks from the middle but that did not make any difference either.”

“We wanted to win this final match against NEC Red Rockets to avenge our loss in the V.League final,” Chizuru Koto said. “They played with better quality in this match, while we played up and down. We have no chance to win at the world level at the current state, but this experience can be a catalyst for the future.”

Hisamitsu Springs outside spiker Yuki Ishii confirmed that it was really their opponents’ service that made the difference.

“Their serves were very tough to defend,” Ishii said. “But I believe that we had great experience in this event. It is tough to win on the global stage without our other players. We have many issues to address and hope for good results next season.”


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