VakifBank makes great revival at Kobe 2017


VakifBank coach Giovanni Guidetti feels vindicated after suffering a loss in the semifinals of the Turkish League, his team got back and won the FIVB Volleyball Women's Club World Championship title

Kobe, Japan, May 14, 2017 – VakifBank Istanbul coach Giovanni Guidetti guided his team to maintain an unbeaten record in the FIVB Volleyball Women’s Club World Championship Kobe 2017, following their straight-set win over Rexona-SESC Rio.

Prior to the Women’s Club World Championship, VakifBank missed the finale of the Turkish League after losing to Galatasaray. Guidetti explained that their victory in Kobe 2017 vindicated their semifinal loss in the Turkish League.

“We had a defeat in our domestic league in Turkey in the semifinals,” Guidetti said. “The team came back from that frustrating loss and achieved this great success.” 

Gozde Kirdar and Kimberly Hill expressed how proud they are of their achievement to win their second title in the tournament.

“I am incredibly proud of my team because we played consistently in this competition,” Kirdar said. “We only lost two sets in this entire tournament. I am proud to be the captain of this team.”

“There were incredible teams here in Kobe,” Hill said. “I am proud of the team because we worked very hard and I am glad it paid off.”

Rexona coach Bernardo Rezende mentioned that the service of their opponents put pressure on their defence.

“They put pressure on their serve and we could not manage to defend it,” Rezende said. “We were up and down in this match, while they did better in key moments. They deserved to win.”

Regiane Bidias said that they targeted their opponents’ net defence, but their rivals still managed to beat them.

“We tried to dodge their blocks, but they still managed to beat us,” Regiane said. “We knew it would be difficult because they are taller than us, but we knew that we would have to play well against them.”


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