Sakai says poor service contributed to loss


Shingo Sakai pointed out that their poor reception was a factor in Hisamitsu's straight-set loss to Dinamo Moscow

Kobe, Japan, May 10, 2017 – Hisamitsu coach Shingo Sakai cited his team’s poor service contributed to their straight-set loss to the Russian league champions Dinamo Moscow on the second day of the FIVB Volleyball Women’s Club World Championship Kobe 2017.

Hisamitsu Springs coach Shingo Sakai: “Our service was in disarray, which prevented us to get our momentum going in the match.

“The opposition’s height and power also disrupted our reception. We knew they had the advantage in height and more powerful than us, but we should have been better defending high balls. Our block could not stop their powerful attacks. That is the story of this match.”

Hisamitsu Springs captain Chizuru Koto: “We couldn’t cope with our opponents high balls and tall block in the first set. We did have some good moments in the match, but the question is how we will be able to react to the high quality of plays of our opponents.”

Hisamitsu Springs player Yuki Ishii: “Our opponents were very tall. We shouldn’t be inferior in passing and defence but they passed better tonight. 

Our combination plays should be more solid. We aimed to make it to the podium, but if we are playing this way, a podium finish is quite impossible to attain.”

Hisamitsu Springs player Nana Iwasaka: “We both played our game in the beginning, but the more powerful team will always win in this case.”

Dinamo Moscow coach Yurii Panchenko: “We played better today. We had some mistakes, but we managed to overcome it. It is always interesting to play against Japanese teams because they excellent in defence and their skills are technically sound.

“Our next match will be against Rexona and it will be a difficult one. Their players are in better condition, so we will try to make some adjustments.”

Dinamo Moscow captain Vera Vetrova: “We are happy to win because we were able to correct our service after yesterday’s match.”

Dinamo Moscow player Nataliya Goncharova: “I am very happy to win. We played better today because we had energy in our reception against their attack, which enabled us do a counter-attack.”

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