It’s always tough to play against Japanese teams, says Rezende


Rexona-SESC Rio coach Bernardo Rezende recognises the toughness of playing against Japanese teams, as his team needed four sets to overcome the tough challenge of Hisamitsu Springs

Kobe, Japan, May 9, 2017 – Rio 2016 Olympic gold medallist coach Bernardo Rezende steered Rexona-SESC Rio to a 3-1 win over Hisamitsu Springs, but the coach recognises the toughness of their opponents in their first match in the FIVB Volleyball Women’s Club World Championship Kobe 2017.

Rexona-SESC Rio coach Bernardo Rezende: “It is always tough to play Japanese teams. They are so technical well-prepared. They use deep serves and short serves well. They are always on the ball. It is great to play against the Japanese school of volleyball. The first match was okay, but we have to play better.”

Rexona-SESC Rio captain Regiane Bidias: “We had a difficult start but we proceeded to get the upper hand. They had quick attacks, but we came back after losing that second set and that was good.”

Rexona-SESC Rio player Drussyla Costa: “This was a tough game that required concentration. We had to deal with their quick defence and we kept our concentration after the third set.”

Hisamitsu Springs coach Shingo Sakai: “When we play against great international teams, we have to attack on serve and play defence. Even with the second set win, we could not contain their spikes.”

Hisamitsu Springs captain Chizuru Koto: “The team did have some good performance points in this match. However, we let them run their game from the start and that is what made it difficult.”

Hisamitsu Springs player Risa Shinnabe: “This was not a good game for me personally. I hope to play better tomorrow. We have been working on our block in training and saw it work on this match, but we need to do more.”

Hisamitsu Springs player Yuki Ishii: “If we were able to stop their good service game, we can play better. The service determines the flow of the game. We wanted to get some points off the blocks but we could not get as many as we want.”

Hisamitsu Springs player Rika Nomoto: “We wanted to attack using our serve, but we were not making enough good ones. We played it too safe today, so we need to be more aggressive in the next match.”

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