Concentration, good serve key to victory for Osasco Voleibol Clube


Osasco Voleibol Clube coach Luizomar De Moura giving instructions during their match against NEC Red Rockets

Kobe, Japan, May 9, 2017 – Osasco Voleibol Clube dominated NEC Red Rockets with their all-around game, coach Luizomar De Moura believes their concentration and great service game were key to their victory.

Osasco Voleibol Clube coach Luizomar de Moura: “As a head coach this is a great opportunity in a splendid venue. I always learn from the diligence and hard work of the Japanese players.

“We were able to show high concentration and high-level volleyball from the beginning. Having good service was one of the themes in this match. Our defence and reception worked well during difficult moments.”

Osasco Voleibol Club captain Gabriela de Souza: “It was the first match that’s why we were a little nervous. We played our own style of volleyball in the first and second sets and we are satisfied with the result.

“There will be difficult matches here. Our target is to make it to the top three. We will continue to work together so we can win.”

Osasco Voleibol Clube player Tandara Caixeta: “We had a good start and our plays today reflected what we did in training, actually even better than what we did in training. We blocked, served and defended well. We will try to continue working together.

NEC Red Rockets coach Akinori Yamada: “At the start of the first set, we lost several points in a row. The opponents had rhythm and we were not able to execute our own style of play. Our service was disrupted and we dropped back from playing defence. We learned from this game and we will play better tomorrow.”

NEC Red Rockets captain Haruyo Shimamura: “We wanted to roll our own style of volleyball by being resilient and tenacious, but they disrupted our service game. We must correct this. We played better in the third set because we had more variety in our attacks. We usually attack from the outside, but we had two attackers in the middle in the third set.”

NEC Red Rockets player Mizuki Yanagita: “How we approached the first set was an important factor in this match. We were very nervous. We got the atmosphere we wanted only in the third set.”

NEC Red Rockets player Sarina Koga: “Today's match reminded us of how the global teams can spike above our blocks. They overpowered us. We will try harder tomorrow.”

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